A collection of testimonials from our previous students.


Alexis Pendleton
"My experience with Minerva Capital Markets was galvanising, thanks in entirety to the expertise, rigour, support and overall excellence of the Minerva team. Calling them 'teachers' or 'instructors' almost does the ensemble of the Minerva group an injustice insofar as there is so much more to them than just their remarkable teaching ability. On paper, the Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Financial Trading is just that; a government-certified qualification. In that sense, while I’m sure they would like to be referred to as teachers, I maintain that because of how supportive, experienced and intelligent these traders are, I consider them all friends and, crucially, mentors - although the two may often go hand in hand. The latter is also part of the reason why Minerva are so good at what they do. The intensity of the programme and the challenges it poses, paired with the pleasantness and charisma of the entire team undoubtedly contributed to me passing first time. More importantly, however, this is also what fundamentally nurtured my interest in financial markets. Above all else, the connections made throughout my time at Minerva are what I cherish the most. The sum of all the knowledge, experience and relationships accrued throughout the course are already proving invaluable to me. The team at Minerva Capital Markets epitomises the essence of hard work, diligence and ambition - they are unrivalled in this arena."
Now at Kings College University

Cynthia Collins
"The impact of partaking in the Level 5 programme can only be described as game-changing! I’m not even exaggerating but my outlook on life has changed, my mind set has changed, my work ethic has changed, I myself have changed and least importantly , my CV has changed – employers are excited to discuss what I learnt as it literally stands out on the page! The tutors are truly amazing and simply pushed me to succeed, guiding the transition of theoretical knowledge to practical trading with real-time software. This was an invaluable experience that I would thoroughly recommend to anyone!"
Now at BNP Paribas – Junior Hedge Fund Manager

Emmanuel Falade
"My time on the Level 5 course has been very fruitful and eye opening. As someone with a career interest in financial services but lacking the knowledge and background, I have gained a valuable insight into the professional working world of finance and an appreciation of how financial markets operate. Being immersed in a professional environment I was able to learn how to react to live data concerning financial markets and observe how professionals reacted also, in addition to understanding the impacts of micro and macro-economic news on the markets. Coming from an engineering background and having to adapt to topics based around economics and finance, I have been well supported by Rob and Antoine who have gone out of their way to ensure that I have a very serious and beneficial learning experience. An experience that I'm extremely grateful for. From my time on this course I have not only improved my financial understandings and literacy but I feel that I have acquired the confidence and competencies to pursue a career within financial services."
Now at Goldman Sachs - Analyst

Sunna Firdaus
"I have found my time on the programme as one of the best experiences of my life. I have learnt so many skills that will not only benefit me in my career, but also in my everyday life. It has changed the way I perceive information and I have become receptive to the slightest change. This has essentially moulded me into a better person. Before starting the Level 5 diploma in financial trading, I had minimal knowledge in the finance sector however, now I understand how interest rates affect different financial products and how to react to fundamental news that will change the market along with various other things. Using Trading Technologies tier-1 trading software provided me with the opportunity to see what trading is really like, in real-time, enabling me to enhance my ability to apply various technical trading strategies. This helped to bring everything together and provided me with a great advantage in my training. I would like to thank the team for all the help and support they have given me to ensure that I excel and get the most out of my time."
Now at BNP Paribas – Junior Hedge Fund Manager

Acacia Taylor
"When I applied to the course I had no idea what was ahead of me, coming from an actuarial background I knew I would be put through my paces and in turn worked hard from the start. I've always been hard working as I believe it is the only way to get results, however I was certainly challenged these five weeks and coming out the other side has made me an even more driven person. I did this course to experience a different side of finance and now feel like I am capable of the many more opportunities this industry has to offer. I can now evaluate the advantages of market analysis using various technical indicators for chart overlays and momentum indicators for a multitude of Futures asset class products, something I hadn't even heard of before I started. I always wanted to be in the financial industry and was always set on the idea of Actuary, now that I have diversified my portfolio my prospects are higher. The course is very well managed and structured and it was always clear of what I needed to do to achieve. I also learned a lot about myself during my time here. My confidence has grown due to the employability sessions they provide which are extremely intense and raw and allow you to view yourself in a more honest manner, a once scary interview will now be something I look forward to. I also learned the importance of self-discipline and professional competence and how to enjoy an early start. The career advice and guidance that is outstanding, I know I can always contact my mentors in the future and will be guaranteed a warm welcome. Before these five weeks I felt a bit lost about my future and I can now say that I have a clear goal and know exactly what is required to achieve this."
Now Financial Analyst at Ed Broking

Nebil Kifl
"It is simply the best experience and opportunity I have ever had. Before the course I had little understanding of futures trading and had no clue how it worked. It took only 5 weeks to master the fundamental understanding of both macro and micro economics in relation to trading financial markets across a multitude of financial instruments. This program is unique in a way that it is not just a qualification I gained but a professional experience and I had the opportunity to be involved in the markets just like a professional trader from day one. Moreover, the content covered was equivalent to two years of a Foundation degree in 5 weeks but that would have been almost impossible to do if it wasn’t for the personal level of teaching tailored for my needs. Being mentored by the most successful traders in the world and with such tremendous experience is something I will never forget. The routine to start with was very difficult but it didn’t take long to adapt because I was surrounded with positive energy and dedication of all involved towards us. At the end of the course I came out to be competent not only as a trader but as an individual. The passion of trading that you gain in 5 weeks is amazing. Throughout the course, I learned a lot about myself and it helped me build a strong character and professionalism. I believe all this shaped up and completed my skillset to apply for many financial roles with a confidence I didn’t have before. Robert and Antoine created a revolutionary educational system and I am so proud to be part of the team. Finally, I really want to thank everyone who participates to run this program and especially Robert Russell who was working hard to motivate us throughout this program and made this opportunity available for anyone willing to take this life changing challenge. "
Analyst Argenta Private Capital

Ravjyot Kaur Bharj
"The Level 5 Financial Trading course has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I had absolutely no knowledge about financial trading prior to starting the course and now I have a Level 5 Diploma in Financial Trading! I loved the course from the start and have felt so motivated throughout the 5 weeks, every single day. I was introduced to Trading Technologies on the second day. Sophisticated trading software, which was easy to understand and use from the very beginning. As the weeks went on in the course, I found it to be straightforward in managing many markets at the same time. I would like to thank Rob and Antoine as they have supported me so much throughout the course and have taught me so many important life skills."
Now at Scan Coin

Ryan Marum
"The programme has provided me with a challenging, yet invaluable experience into the life of a derivatives trader. Prior to beginning the course, I had very little knowledge of financial markets and what it takes to be a trader. Since then, I have gained a Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Financial Trading and I am able to plan a professional trading routine and manage multiple markets simultaneously. I would not have been able to achieve this without the excellent support provided by Rob and Antoine, all the way from the delivery of fundamental concepts and theory, through to the practical application of real-time data on Trading Technologies’ tier 1 trading platform. This has given me the determination to pursue a career in financial services and the skills I have gained throughout my time on the programme will ensure this is achieved."
Now at Henderson Asset Management

Daniel Bains
"The Level 5 Advanced programme has not only changed my career path, but has changed my life. Before this opportunity I had no idea what road I was going down. The course has helped me refine my knowledge and application of all I have learnt, guiding me to see an end goal and setting me on a path I wouldn't have found without it. The knowledge and experience I have gained is exponential and is only amplified and made possible by the surrounding positive energy and dedication of all involved towards us. The road was tough but the excitement each day brings, being able to apply and use this knowledge with the help of the Trading Technologies trading platform, gave me the motivation to give it my all inside and outside of the trading room, knowing all my decisions and plans were tested in real time by the market on a day to day basis. Meeting and learning from some amazing people I will truly always be grateful."