A collection of images of our students on our courses and experience days.

A trader experience day in full swing Luton The Minerva Capital Markets office with the Gherkin in the background Luton Two potential students getting used ot the professional software Robert Russell preping the Saracens Academy on the skills and core competencies of the financial services industry Luton Different groups of studetns talking about the markets and levels they have identified Saracens Academy lads practising technical analysis Two of the Saracens Academey applying the new skills they have learnt on the Trader Experience Day Briefing with Robert Russell after some market analysis Robert Russell highlighting the key competencies which are transferable from professional sport to Michael Carberry
Luton Two attendes from our trader experience day with Parity Luton Antoine Vassal and Luke Rooney after a Trader Experience Day Antoine Vassal giving an overview of the financial markets Antoine Vassal teaching the basics to the Saracens Academey Luton Picture of the team with Saracens academy as well as Ian George  the Manager of Academy Personal Development outside the Minerva office Antoine Vassal showing a presepctive student how to find levels in the market using fibonacci retracement Two of our students discussing and practising trading The first intake of students practising technical analysis Anotine Vassal delivering our Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Financial Trading to the new students
Luton Luton Antoine Vassal Introducing technical analysis The setup our students use whilst attending the course Two of our students preparing for an economic figure release Luton The start of the evening where students begin to build their platforms Antoine Vassal finishing up the theory part of the Trader Experience Day The remarkably grand entrance to St Helen's Place and with the famous Gherkin in the background The Parity Trader Experince day attendes about to get the first look at the professional software A trader experience day in full swing with the knowledge delievered the students are now practising on the markets Two of our students trading and Antoine Vassal Trading in the background
Our most recent Trader Experience Day Luton Antoine Vassal going through the preperation for non-farm payroll and it's link to the central bank Luton Michael Carberry and Ross Jarvis discussing technical analysis and trading the financial markets The Minerva Capital Markets office with three trading setups and one student trading Antoine Vassal and Michael Carberry discussing trading stratergies Antoine Vassal explaining technical analysis to one of the Saracens Academy players Antoine Vassal expressing the importance of preparing for economic events to the Saracens Academey Our last Trader Experience Day learning about the link between supply/ demand and the financial markets Anotine Vassal giving a run down of the first day of our most recent Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Financial Trading Group of Students disscusing technical and fundamental analysis